NEW BODY LINE is equipped with two professional laboratories, one for physical analysis and the other for chemical analysis. Their indispensable role is to satisfy customers' needs for the color and dyeing of the items they order.

Chemical analysis laboratory

Equipped with scientific machines and professional staff, the analysis laboratory adapts to our knitted articles microcapsules dosed with perfect precision in the dye to have slimming clothes, for relaxation, for fitness, for sports, for leisure, for paramedical, etc.




This laboratory assures the quality and precision of the dye of fabrics intended to be assigned to the dyeing department.



Physical analysis laboratory

This laboratory's role is to check the resistance of fabrics to friction and washing to ensure the best final result of the article. An innovative team, always attentive and meeting all the requirements of our customers.

Electronic measurement of the color difference

No color escapes us

Fabric surface measurement

Measurement of friction resistance

Measurement of washes resistance