New Body Line is a pioneer in SEAMLESS textile manufacturing. Driven by innovation and committed to global apparel product distribution, our goal is to provide our customers with apparel fabric that enhance the value of their branded products. Clothes play an important role in our daily lives. All our customers want to see their products updated with the latest fashions. New Body Line assumes this responsibility to meet the needs of their partners.

Delivery on time

The delivery from the New Body Line local to our customers is by road / sea. The delivery time to our customers in France for example, is about three working days. The team, federated around its manager, Karim REJEB, himself a textile engineer educated in Europe, is made up of textile engineers, chemists and experienced technicians, each one is specialized in the craft and the know-how of NEW BODY LINE.

Young company
with extensive international experience

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New Body Line ?

Advanced technology

SEAMLESS apparel

OEKO-TEX Certification

Expertise in Textile

Delivery on time

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